7th Year At This Helm...

Welcome aboard, I'm Foster Fanning owner and skipper of the sailing vessel AQUILA. My mate, Catherine Brown and I are currently based in the Pacific Northwest. We spend about 70 days a year aboard, sailing as much as possible.

As this sailing blog enters it's 7th year I'm hove-to recovering from a back injury. Looking forward to more time at the helm as soon as possible...
Hope you enjoy...

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Flotsam and Jetsam
178 years ago today, March 26th, 2017 the Henley Royal Regatta held it's first race.  Henley Royal Regatta

Henley Royal Regatta is a rowing event held annually on the River Thames by the town of Henley-on-Thames, England.

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“I’ve got my Boatman’s License.” And I said, “Well I’ve got a class one Masters’ Certificate, and I don’t need advice from a ruddy boatman. So fuck off.” It was only because he was officious that he upset me.

* * *

Starting on Monday 6 March at 9pm on Channel 4, the TV documentary Mutiny will, over five 60-minute episodes, relive firsthand the ordeal those men faced, using the same traditional navigational instruments and moribund rations.

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Looking to boost your boating knowledge? Anacortes’ Cruisers College might be the place…
Here's a great idea from THREE SHEETS NW: The summer cruising season is just around the corner, and if you’re in need of some new technical skills or simply want to become a better boater, you might not need to look any farther than Anacortes’ Cruisers College.

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Everett woman publishes maritime manuscript her father worked on for years...
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Britain's science minister has named the $300 million research vessel after the famed naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

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Coast Guard rescues 3 from sinking fishing vessel near Grays Harbor, Wash.
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Rare whale attack in Puget Sound witnessed near Everett

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Cruising Thru History:
A story in NW Yachting of the Salish Sea and more...
From 48* North magazine




Dog found alive five weeks after lost at sea - interview with owner



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It didn't take me long to become a RACE TO ALASKA R2A fan given it is in my home neighborhood. Here is a cool video by Wanderlust Films:
The Waterlust Team documents the journey of Tripp and Chris Burd as they compete on a 22 foot beach catamaran in the inaugural Race to Alaska, a 750 mile human-powered boat race from Port Townsend Washington to Ketchikan Alaska.
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Here's the Facebook page link for RACE 2 ALASKA
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Here's a piece on R2AK from one of my favorite sailing magazines - SMALL CRAFT ADVISOR
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From Stroud News: Around-the-world sailor Ana Duprey, 23, from Nailsworth safely passes halfway point in her epic journey


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Seahawks sailing team heads to Ireland (That Cape Cod Seahawks not Seattle Seahawks - different sport)...

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Upside-Down Whale 'Tail-Sails' Off The Coast Of Maui In Incredible Footage

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From ScuttleButt Before Paul Cayard and John Kostecki got inducted in the US National Sailing Hall of Fame, or Jimmy Spithill became a 2-time America’s Cup skipper, they were laying the foundation at Balboa Yacht Club’s International Junior Match Race Championship – the Governor’s Cup.

02.27.2014 HONOLULU — The Coast Guard is searching through a storm for a man who is sailing alone from Hawaii to San Francisco.
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02.09.2014 Anchor found off Whidbey Island may solve 200-year-old mystery
Commercial diver Kenny Woodside examines the approximately 900-pound anchor found by Doug Monk in 2008 off the northwest side of Whidbey Island.

Some believe it’s the lost anchor of the HMS Chatham, the tender to Capt. George Vancouver’s HMS Discovery.

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I haven't posted anything from DISCOVER BOATING prior to this. I checked out and liked their site. You might too.


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02.07.2014 The Dreadnought Hoax, 1910

On February 7, 1910 the Prince of Abyssinia and his entourage were received with full ceremonial pomp on the deck of the H.M.S. Dreadnought, the British Navy's most powerful battleship. Although the Commander-in-Chief of the Dreadnought had only received a last-minute warning of the Prince's arrival, he had the sailors standing at attention when the Prince arrived. The Abyssinian party acknowledged the greeting with bows as they shuffled onto the ship, dressed in their long, flowing robes, and for the next forty minutes the Commander gave them a guided tour of the vessel. The Abyssinians paused at each new marvel while murmuring the appreciative phrase "Bunga, Bunga!" in their native tongue. Finally the royal visitors departed as "God Save the King!" played in the background.

The next day the Navy was mortified to learn that the party they had escorted around the warship had not been Abyssinian dignitaries at all. Instead it had been a group of young, upper class pranksters who had blackened their faces, donned elaborate theatrical costumes, and then forged an official telegram in order to gain access to the ship. Their ringleader was a man named Horace de Vere Cole, but the entourage also included a young woman called Virginia Stephen who would later be better known as the writer Virginia Woolf


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Just for the fun of it...
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    Fair winds...

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