2nd Year Archive Foster's Sailing Blog

This is the archive page for the 2nd year (Mostly 2012) of Foster's Sailing Blog...
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Happy Holidays from S2 9.2C AQUILA Catherine Brown photo

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11.18. 2012 Just finished a Rickey Point Sail Club blog entry at Three Sheets NW site. Interested? You can check it out at: AQUILA's logbook
Rickey Point Sail Club - Lake Roosevelt, Columbia River
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11.17.2012 Interested in the Arthur Edmonds design of the S2 9.2C sailing vessel? I've created a blog site to share vessel details, images, projects and more. Go to S2 9.2C Sailing Vessels
The S2 Yachts 9.2C sailing vessel AQUILA

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10.29.2012 Rescue under way after 17 abandon stricken HMS Bounty off N.C. coast 17 abandon distressed ship off NC coast - NBCNews.com

The HMS Bounty is one of the most famous ships in the world. Known for the storied mutiny that took place in Tahiti in 1789 on board the British transport vessel, the current Bounty, a replica, has survived to tell the tale. Built for the 1962 movie “Mutiny on the Bounty” with Marlon Brando, HMS Bounty sails the country offering dockside tours in which one can learn about the history and details of sailing vessels from a lost and romanticized time in maritime history. Since her debut in “Mutiny on the Bounty”, HMS Bounty has appeared in many documentaries and featured films such as the Edinburgh Trader in Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest with Johnny Depp.

10.10.2012 Looks more like a submarine surfacing. "Wow!"

10.09.2012 Are you also a Patrick O'Brian fan? Try this out...

For fans of Patrick O'Brian's books: http://www.cannonade.net/

10.09.2012 Adventuress Back "On Duty" (4 photos)
Thanks to our incredible community, we've installed the loaner wheel, boarded the students from Portland, and headed out to continue our mission in Puget Sound. Thank you all for your support - and keep those good thoughts coming that our own ship's wheel will be returned soon. Thank you and see you in Seattle next weekend! — at Percival Landing.


Historic schooner’s wheel stolen while docked in Olympia

The wheel of the historic schooner Adventuress was stolen in the early hours of Sunday morning while the ship was docked in Olympia, leaving its crew scrambling to find a replacement before the vessel leaves for a three-day educational trip Monday with 24 children.

10.08.2012 While we didn't cook with banana leaves on our recent cruise, we did grill some bananas and other fruit (see our photo). For cooking with banana leaves click here: Cooking With Banana Leaves

10.07.2012 Check it out: Great vid - Go FULL SCREEN to really enjoy this:  H2uh0 - Bonehead Moves on the Water: Sailing is Awesome!: What a great vid.  Now get out there and do some sailing.  We are heading out on Thursday to celebrate a birthday or two.

10.05.2012 Check this out - the SEA FEVER blog posted this very cool animation of  Old Man and the Sea. Here’s a visual storytelling of a piece American classic literature, The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.

The Old Man and the Sea

In September 2011 my girlfriend Miya moved aboard and we set sail, headed south until the water gets warm...

10.02.2012 Just home from our month of September Cruise working on images, video and slide show. Will be posting more soon...
S2 Yachts 9.2C sailing vessel AQUILA, Lake Roosevelt, Columbia River - Catherine L. Brown photo

09.01.2012 Certainly sounds like my kinda' cruise...
The adventure: experiencing two regional wine varieties -- siegerrebe and madeleine angevine -- and gaining a firsthand appreciation (and a few calluses) for the muster that sailing requires. 

08.13.2012 Caught this sunset view of the Rickey Point Sail Club buoy-field from the deck of Crandalls Coffee Roasters over looking Franklin D Roosevelt Lake and the Columbia River. To see more of our local sail club go to:Rickey Point Sail Club
Rickey Point Sail Club, Lake Roosevelt - J. Foster Fanning

06.21.2012 Lats and Atts Sailing Magazine shuts down: 
Like us, you may have subscribed to this unique perspective sailing magazine at one time.

06.18.2012 Finally finished repairs and found the time to launch AQUILA or the 2012 boating season. It was a stormy day as we hit the water for the first time this year with our buddy boat GILLYFOYLE, seen here motoring south from Kettle Falls Marina towards Rickey Point Sail Club buoy field as another round of the storm broke.
Sailing Vessel GILLYFOYLE, Lake Roosevelt, Columbia River - J. Foster Fanning photo
To learn more about the Rickey Point Sail Club on northern Lake Roosevelt go to: http://rickeypointsailclub.blogspot.com/

06.04.2012 California faces a new threat from the sea...

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06.02.2012 Put together a slide show of sailing our S2 9.2C AQUILA.


My Boat | SV Aquila

Three Sheets NW featured our sailing vessel AQUILA on their My Boat column. Check it out and leave a comment. Thank you Deborah Bach...

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05.24.2012 Cool photo of the day from MESSING ABOUT IN BOATS...

Sailing Photo Of The Day - Spinnaker Trimming

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05.20.2012 From THE DAILY BOATER

Safe Boating Week Begins

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04.06.12 U.S.C.G. sinks unmanned 164-ft fishing vessel set adrift by tsunami over a year ago... Coast Guard Sinks Ghost Ship
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03.27.2012 Sad news from the Seattle front:
Three people in a rubber raft were taking supplies out to a sailboat about 150 yards from shore when a 25-year-old man somehow ended up in the water.
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03.24.2012 A Japanese fishing ship that was swept to sea during last year's devastating earthquake and tsunami was spotted this week floating off the coast of British Columbia.

Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/komo/article/Japanese-vessel-lost-in-tsunami-turns-up-off-B-C-3431526.php#ixzz1q2NJ0PAt
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03.22.2012  As Maclean's went to print Tuesday, Canadian filmmaker James Cameron was set to become the third person to venture to the deepest point in the world’s oceans,referred to as “Ocean Everest.”, in a sub of his own design.  James Cameron's giant dive for mankind
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03.18.2012 Tom Lochaas continues his look at new High Tec gear and programs for the recreational sailor;

Predicting Wind

03.17.2012 A fun account of sailing on tall ships:

Blasted by Cannon Smoke!

03.16.2012 Here's a fun blog on sailing for Inland NW Sailors...

02.25.12 Here is a page from a mountaineering site I've posted regarding Sailing and Trekking:
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02.25.12 Bridlington’s Three Brothers sailing coble was lifted from the harbour waters on Monday to asses the work needed to make the 100-year-old vessel seaworthy once more.

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02.24.12 Lady Washington | Hawaiian Chieftain | Battles | Adventures | Sailing The tall ship Lady Washington is the official ship of the State of Washington. The tall ship Hawaiian Chieftain accompanies Lady Washington on her voyages.

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02.24.12 With LADY WASHINGTON in focus, here is a little more info on this fine tall sailing vessel...Lady Washington - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lady Washington is a ship name that is shared by at least 4 different small wooden merchant sailing vessels during two different time periods.

02.16.12 A daring couple who quit their high-flying jobs on a whim to sail around the world have notched up nearly 100,000 nautical miles - the equivalent of travelling around the globe more than four times.

01.21.12 Dutch teen sailor Laura Dekker completes solo world tour Dutch teenager Laura Dekker has sailed into harbour on the Caribbean island of St Maarten - becoming the youngest sailor to complete a solo circumnavigation ...
01.14.2012 ActiveCaptain's latest iPhone app gives boaters peace of mind while at anchor overnight... New Anchor Alarm App Is No Drag
01.05.2012 Thomas Louis Corogin may not have rounded The Horn, but in my book this hearty, 84 year old sailor is by no means a failure. My hats off in tribute to him. Here's part of the story... Foster 
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — An 84-year-old American who put out an emergency distress signal while making his seventh attempt to sail alone around the tip of South America was picked up by a Japanese merchant ship and awaiting evacuation by the Chilean navy on Thursday.

01.04.2012  Oak tiller bar from Arthur Ransome's yacht up for auction Swallows and Amazons author named his boat Nancy Blackett – after the fictional pirate captain in his children's books series...           Full story: Guardian Unlimited

HONOLULU (AP) — A 66-year-old Seattle man who failed to show up at his destination while sailing in the Hawaiian islands has been found safe after two weeks at sea, the Coast Guard said.
Anti-whaling boat hulled by wave
A rogue wave has damaged an anti-whaling boat in the Southern Ocean, breaking a hole in its hull.
In this photo provided by Rolex, Wild Oats XI sails south along the Australian coast during the Sydney-Hobart yacht race Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011. The yachts were sailing in good conditions after running into a southerly front on their first night out from Sydney which brought winds of up to 30 knots and rough seas.

Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Wild-Oats-XI-s-lead-cut-in-Sydney-Hobart-race-2426428.php#ixzz1hkfJVS43

12.25.11In a few minutes, about the time I head to bed the Sydney / Hobart race will be gearing up to start. Good luck lads and lasses...
The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2011 will start on 26 December and will be conducted on the waters of Sydney Harbour, the Tasman Sea, Storm Bay and the Derwent River.
12.24.11 Ho, ho, ho...

12.11.11 Recently I’ve been enjoying various inter-net searches pertaining to the nautical work of one of the founders of impressionism, Claude Monet (1840 -1926). As a youth in Le Havre, Monet was encouraged by the marine painter Boudin to paint in the open air, a practice he never forsook. WebMuseum: Monet, Claude 

12.10.11 My last sailing vessel, a Lyle Hess designed 27 footer, had a dodger plus full cockpit enclosure making the cockpit a more usable space during inclement weather. Besides keeping the area dry a good enclosure will raise the ambient temperature of the cockpit area. We've spent many an evening enjoying a glass of wine in the cockpit with a chill rain falling around us. Our current vessel, AQUILA, an S-2, 9.2C does not (yet) have an enclosure. Planning on building one ourselves, I found these heavy duty, clear tarps and purchased a few to see how they would fare in the demanding environment of the marine world. We used this boom tent throughout the summer and am happy to report it stood to 30 knot winds, and heavy rains. This material will be the foundation of our homemade cockpit enclosure. We liked it so much we are also fashioning a fair-weather companionway closure out of the same material. Interested? Give 'em a look at: http://www.tarpsplus.com/clear-tarps.html 
12.09.11 This gal is great! Fellow sailor Cynthia Shelton doing a docu-comic called THE LIVEABOARD. Spent a couple of hours working my way through her material and laughed out loud a number of times. Worth checking out: http://www.cynxing.com/liveaboard/?p=86
12.08.11 Found this interesting as I wasn't aware of this type of vessel ~ a gundalow; this replica weighs 40 tons, is 64 feet long and 18 feet wide. The ship's mast is about 20 feet tall. The boat is U.S. Coast Guard certified and can carry up to 49 passengers.Gundalows are flat-bottomed vessels first created in the 1600s to bring cargo from ocean ports upriver. Full story: SeacoastOnline 

12.07.11 DAILY BOATER link to their pick for Nautical Song of the Week - LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER

Sea Song of the Week - Lighthouse Keeper

12.02.11 Can you spell B-I-G...

Our vessel AQUILA is an S-2, 9.2C (center-cockpit), 10,000 pound sailing sloop with a 40 foot mast. We recover her (haul her out of the water and onto a trailer) each year. Trailering boats is nothing new to many inland sailors. This is the 5th trailerable boat that I’ve owned. The difference here is that AQUILA wasn’t designed as a trailerable vessel. While her ¾ keel is considered ‘shoal’ at 4’11” draft AQUILA is more, what I call “transportable”. Generally with a trailerable sailboat the launch or recovery timeline is about an hour, give or take. With AQUILA recovery to the trailer and securing the vessel is a four hour minimum.


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